The history
of a vital family

The history of Hametha B.V. takes us back to 1959. The post-war reconstruction was still on-going, people were living prudently while at the same time modern technology like televisions and cars became omnipresent. In that year, the forerunner of operating company De Haan Minerale Oliën B.V. is founded in Rotterdam, at the time carrying the name Firma A.A. de Haan, Minerale Oliën. The company sold heating oil in the region. A year later, after the acquisition of the first tank car, the heating oil was sold nationwide.

The beginning is characterised by small steps ahead, very much in accordance with the ‘zeitgeist’. Steps are taken in familiar product areas of mineral resources, but also in related products like building materials, textile yarns and chemicals. Always deriving from a vision to claim and consolidate a position in a developing market in order to strengthen the business continuity. In 1972, De Haan Holding B.V. is founded, now known under the name Hametha B.V. Ever since 2011, the corporation has been growing exponentially by means of a solid growth strategy concentrating on both business development and acquisitions. At the same time, the holding company begins to specialise in the trade and storage of mineral oils, chemicals, and biofuels, and a network of petrol stations with a substantial client base.

In 2009, the fiftieth anniversary of the family business was celebrated in style with family, staff and stakeholders. In the following years, Hametha became the corporation it is today, a vital family business with strong networks in the petrol station sector and the tank storage industry.

Our milestones

Responsible investing for the environment and society

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Hameha B.V. 
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Hametha B.V. 
Slotlaan 15
4902 AD  Oosterhout NB
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T: 0031 (0) 88 313 0000

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