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In 1980, founder A.A. de Haan (1932-2012) expressed his concerns with the environment. “Environmental pollution is the burden that comes with the increase in wealth and should be stopped drastically. All ingenuity that we possess, and every percentage of economical growth should be used towards a solution for this problem.”

As a family business, we have a deep understanding of responsible entrepreneurship. It stimulates our commitment to public issues. Environment and sustainability, stewardship and good practices are solid values within our family traditions and among our employees. Hametha B.V. invests in the development of innovative concepts that prevent damage to the environment. We also invest in the sustainability of our activities now, and in the future. In addition, we support projects in poverty reduction and equal opportunity through our foundations.

RRDF Foundation

The Rural Relief & Development Foundation, RRDF in short, facilitates en organises social projects in the southeast of India, in the city of Chilakaluripet in particular. Several of these projects focus on helping the children in the slums. Other projects support young entrepreneurs in the slums with microcredit to start their own businesses. This way, people can generate a sustainable income and a livelihood for themselves and their community.

For more information about the exceptional projects by RRDF, please visit the website.

The A. A. de Haan Foundation

The A.A. de Haan Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to projects in the greater Alblasserwaard area in support of keeping local clubs and associations vibrant. The foundation values volunteer initiatives to strengthen the Alblasserwaard community. The foundation is named after the founder of the family business, the late Mr A.A. de Haan (1932-2012). In 1995, he established the foundation from his heartfelt passion and commitment to the Alblasserwaard community, the region where he was born.

For more information about the good work by the A.A. de Haan Foundation, please visit the website.

Responsible investing for the environment and society

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